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If you’re searching for a reliable transmission shop that offers effective service at affordable pricing, then look no further.

At Transmission Solutions, our top priority is to get you and your vehicle in and out of our shop as quickly as possible with your transmission running better than before.

It’s no wonder that most of our business comes from referrals – please take a look at some of the comments we’ve received over the years.

Dear Tony, Randy , Verlene, and all the neat folks at Transmission Solutions,

We thank you with all our hearts for all the wonderful help and the perfect work you do on our cars. We think you and all your people are the best. We wish to express our deepest gratitude for everything you do for us. - K. and B. M.


I wanted to say thank you for getting our 95 Suburban in and the repairs taken care of. The vibration on acceleration is now gone and overall the Suburban drives much better. I appreciate your service. - S. E.

Dear Tony,

A year has passed since you repaired the transmission of my 1981 Nissan. Each day I have driven my car to a substituting job I thank you for your generous gift. Cancer can be devastating emotionally and financially but because of the support of friends, acquaintances, and strangers, it has been an experience of great learning and gratitude. Please excuse the long delay in thanking you. Hopefully you have heard the many early morning prayers of "thank you" as I drive to Junction City to be with a Kindergarten, first/second or third/fourth grade class. Also you have been mentioned often in my "Gratitude Journal" for without you this past year would have been more than difficult. May the Blessings Be - N. L.

Dear Tony,

In January, ___'s Auto (____ from there) sent me over to "you all" because there was a noise in the differential. We made some rounds in a parking lot to make the noise happen. Thank you for squeezing my car problem into your day, as well as your kind demeanor.

I was heading to Kansas that day to try to arrive before my brother died. I could not fly because my ears were very unhappy as I'd been sick so... we were driving...but that noise in the differential! Thanks to you, we had no noise, no problem, in all the miles. I got to spend the final 6 hours of my brother's life with him.

It registers as significant on my radar screen that your attention to my needs of my car that Monday was pivotal in my getting to my brother before he died.

Thanks for your gift of attention in the big picture of life. Respectfully - M.

Tony & Transmission Solutions,

We can't thank you enough for all of your work and generosity towards us and our van. Having safe and reliable transportation for our group is such a blessing! We are blessed by all you have done! - E. J. & The EBF Youth


A week ago my daughter and I came to see you with Transmission problems in a 95 Isuzu Rodeo. Darrell Bloom had sent us. In our conversation you asked if we had checked our fuse box. At the time I did not think that would be a possible solution to the problem, but sure enough I had a brake light fuse blown, and the vehicle drives perfect. I just wanted to say Thank You. That has been a blessing to us.

Sincerely, - L. G.

Letters from our customers are on display at Transmission Solutions during business hours.

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